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Say what you want about Miley Cyrus but damn she is a good big sis! The ‘Malibu’ singer has been using her platform to show support for her baby sister Noah Cyrus and her music career, even rocking Noah’s merch onstage during performances.

The two recently played a show for Kiss 108 in Boston where Miley was spotted wearing Noah’s NC-17 tee. She then posted a ton of pics to her Instagram (where she has over 68 million followers) from the show, as well as from a few others,  where she compliments Noah, saying she’s her “#1 fan” and calling her “the world’s coolest baby sister” and her “style icon.” Um, adorable!

Miley also showed her love for her brother Braison, who recently rocked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, Miley being Miley, she couldn’t help but start a little controversy in the process, saying in the same post that she “strongly disagrees with D&G’s politics,” which in turn, started an Instagram war with the fashion brand. While she didn’t specify what her issue is with the brand, it most likely has to do with their conservative views on gay marriage as well as their overwhelming support of Trump (they dress Melania Trump for nearly every outing).

The Cyrus family has been enjoying quite the bit of success recently: Miley and Noah are on the top music charts, Braison is walking the runway, and momma Tisch and Brandi have a new home renovating show on Bravo. Hmmm, perhaps the Kardashians have some competition for most successful celeb siblings!

Miley has been busy promoting her new singles “Malibu” and “Inspired,” which mark a huge departure in musical direction to more country and low-key. Part of her publicity tour has included an incognito performance of “Jolene” with Jimmy Fallon in the NYC subway. She also continues working on her Happy Hippie Foundation, which recently partnered with Converse sneakers for LGBTQ pride 2017.


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