Miley Cyrus on the Inspiration for ‘Younger Now’: I’m Done Trying to Prove Myself

Miley Cyrus completely nailed her mom’s southern accent on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. She also revealed that a little exchange with her mom about Miley’s choice outfit for Christmas inspired the lyrics for ‘Younger Now.’

Miley told Jimmy,

“I wrote this song because I was dressed as a reindeer, as I would be, it was Christmas, and I had on the blinking earrings and the antlers. I was a full-on reindeer. And my mom goes, ‘When did you go back to being an 8-year-old?’ And I go, ‘Well, I feel younger now. I kind of feel like an 8-year-old. I feel like I don’t have anything to prove, and I feel like I don’t need to be anything other than who I am.'”

Miley has completely let go of focusing on her somewhat colorful past, too, which also inspired the song. She said,

“I think there’s so many times, maybe in everyone’s lives but I know in my life, where you start to run from who you’ve been. But now, as I’m getting older, I’m getting younger in the way that I embrace who I used to be a lot more than trying to run from it.”

And I think Miley’s emotional freedom is showing. We can see just by her demeanor she’s more relaxed, carefree and honestly at peace than she was circa 2013. And with ‘Younger Now,’ a feel-good album to play on loop, we might have our old, but new and improved, Miley Cyrus back.

Anne Catherine Demere
Anne Catherine Demere is an intern with Femestella. She is almost too passionate about pop culture and the entertainment industry and she loves to write about it. One of her favorite things is when feminism and pop culture overlap. She's either starting a new TV show or in class, there's no in between. And those two rarely coincide.