Milk Makeup is determined to prove that makeup is for everyone, regardless of gender identity.

The makeup brand recently dropped its “Blur The Lines” campaign, which they collaborated on with men’s beauty and grooming site, Very Good Light.

The idea of the “Blur The Lines” campaign came from none other than Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick, which they call the “universal face filler.”

milk makeup blur the lines campaign

The brains behind the campaign, aka Georgie Greville and David Yi, wanted to get to the deeper meaning of what “Blur The Lines” meant. They told Bustle they wanted to, “[create] a metaphor for the product that really spoke to its deeper, revolutionary meaning in the industry — a truly universal product for anyone that could help you feel like who you really are on the gender fluidity spectrum.”

Since the campaign is all about blurring the gender line, they decided to focus casting on gender-ambiguous individuals. We love it!

milk makeup gender bending

Yi believes that genderless makeup is here to stay and Greville agrees, adding they are continuing to encourage a genderless view of makeup.

“Genderless beauty means exactly that. We are all one of one and need to learn to see each other that way.”

There is so much love in this campaign, it’s beautiful and now we want to go buy everything. BRB!

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