Why Milo Ventimiglia Quit Instagram

milo ventimiglia quit instagram
source: Instagram

Big news everyone. Milo Ventimiglia quit Instagram.

Well, actually he quit four years ago.

Although the actor’s account still exists, he has not posted in nearly four years, and doesn’t plan on it. Sorry guys!

Milo explained his app absence (app-sence? Can we make that a word?) in an interview with the Associated Press.

Ventimiglia said,

“I got into Instagram because I had always been into photography. Since I was a kid, I had a camera in my hand from vacations to family stuff. I always was shooting. Instagram started as a place, a collective group of photographers and artists, to just kind of share their work and their lives. And at a certain point, after doing it for three years, I saw it change… Nobody was looking at the photos, they were asking me about my acting jobs, and I kind of went, ‘Oh man.”

You can still follow Milo (his account is still technically active) and browse through his old posts. You’d be one of almost 600,000 followers he still has, despite ghosting the app years ago.

It seems like stars are starting to shy away from social media, for a variety of understandable reasons. Selena Gomez admitted in her Vogue interview that she doesn’t even know her Insta password.

It’s great to have some of our favorite celebs be accessible via social media, but at the same time, we have to acknowledge that there is a line to respect.

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