And why you’ll never see them!

Let’s cut right to the chase here. Does Milo Ventimiglia have tattoos or not? In some of his work he seems to sport some tats, in others he appears to be a blank canvas. So what’s the deal?

According to Bustle, Ventimiglia does in fact have tattoos, but you’ve never seen them.

He keeps them hidden for roles that want clean skin. That said, if a role requires tattoos, he wears fake ones (peep his cameo in the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” music video…holy throwback!). He wants to keep his real tats private.

Ventimiglia has called them “personal” and added that if a director wants tattoos for a project, he asks to “cover up mine and use a fake one because mine are mine.”

We totally admire actors’ desires to keep their personal lives private. We also admire our own patience each week as we anticipate the next episode of This is Us.


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