Mindy Kaling Defends Weinstein Victims: ‘There is No Incentive For Women to Lie’

Mindy Kaling has always been a fierce advocate for women and women’s rights, and yesterday was no different.

After Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual assaults finally came to light, many (sexists) were quick to accuse the victims of lying. But Mindy was not having it. She tweeted,

No matter how many want to deny it, Mindy’s tweets ring true.

Too often, people make excuses in defense of an accused predator, claiming the woman isn’t telling the truth. Women are blamed for “wanting attention” by spouting false allegations about famous men. They’re accused of lying for the purpose of bringing down a man’s reputation.

I’ve seen this up close twice. First when Bill Cosby’s accusers were coming forward, and a woman told me his accusers were sluts trying to get attention.

Second, when I shared an article about a reporter’s personal experience with sexual assault by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, and a woman commented on my post, “Don’t you think she’s just trying to get attention? How do we even know she’s telling the truth?”

There are so many other ways to get the attention of the internet than putting yourself through trauma and harassment.

According to RAINN, someone in the U.S is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds. This crime happens too often, most of the time silently with no repercussions, for women to not be believed.

There’s been the occasional case of a rape accusation proven false. But for the devastatingly large number of times it actually happens, let alone the times a rape occurs and isn’t even reported, the fact that a number of women have lied about rape cannot discredit the thousands of other times a woman tells her truth.

Like Mindy said, there’s no incentive for the women coming forward with their stories of Harvey Weinstein.

Going public with a rape or sexual assault allegation isn’t a happy day in the park, and yet so many people think it is. It’s a grueling process for the victim. It means accepting potential mockery, harassment and risking your safety. It means copious amounts of time and money. It means repeating your often traumatic story over and over again to strangers.

There is no incentive to come forward. Not one in Hollywood, not one in a university — not one in any environment.

Thank you, Mindy, for putting that into strong words, and reiterating your constant support for women.

Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Anne Catherine Demere
Anne Catherine Demere is an intern with Femestella. She is almost too passionate about pop culture and the entertainment industry and she loves to write about it. One of her favorite things is when feminism and pop culture overlap. She's either starting a new TV show or in class, there's no in between. And those two rarely coincide.