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source: Instagram

Still feeling that Obama nostalgia? Mindy Kaling has you covered. The creator/star/producer/writer of The Mindy Project has gained the rights to former Obama staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco’s memoir Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

According to Deadline, Kaling plans to turn the book into a series and we have one word for her: yay! The memoir was released last month and is about her time at the White House “putting out fires, meeting with world leaders, and occasionally winning elections.” Mastromonaco was with Obama since his 2004 campaign, so we have a feeling she knows the President pretty well. She eventually rose to the role of White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, which she held for three years.

Between the author’s experiences and Kaling’s comedy, we have a feeling the two will make for the perfect pair. No word yet whether Mindy will make any sort of appearance in the show, but we can only hope!

Mindy Kaling’s current show The Mindy Project is ending after next season so we may not see Kaling onscreen for a while. Mindy first got her start as a writer for The Office before joining the cast as the customer service rep Kelly Kapoor.

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