The Best Mean Tweets About 'The Mindy Project' Series Finale

The Mindy Project officially ended this week and fans are deeply divided over the finale.

If you haven’t seen it yet then spoilers ahead.

The series ended with Tamra and Morgan’s wedding, Jeremy’s (quick) identity crisis, and most importantly, Danny and Mindy’s reunion. For hardcore Mindy-Danny shippers, this was the picture-perfect ending they wanted all along.

But for others, the ending was a complete disappointment. Last we saw Danny, he was kind of an asshole to Mindy. And although the finale saw a change in him (he finally appreciated her business Later, Baby!), some weren’t buying it.

Mindy Kaling, however, was extremely proud of the finale. She told The Hollywood Reporter,

“I think we as viewers and as writers want to see two people work things out or try to work things out if there is real evidence of pure and unequivocal love. The great thing about the end of the show is it doesn’t necessarily mean forever. We know that these two characters are going to have to really work to stay together. Right now, Matt and I were just in a place, and Chris as an actor — we were all in a place where we thought that’s an adventure that we’d really like to see her take rather than have her meet a new guy or be single at the end of the series. We just thought, “OK, they have great chemistry, they have a child and you want to see them try to make it work.”

But she completely acknowledges why some viewers might not be so thrilled with the reunion: mainly because of the way Danny treated Mindy back in season 4. But Kaling felt that both characters grew enough over the years for their reunion make sense in the finale.

“I am very happy with the way that the two characters grow in the final season so that you would believe that after such an acrimonious breakup, you could have a couple that ends up trying to make it work and actually believes it might happen.”

Below, find some of the more *ahem* angry tweets about the finale.

Lena Finkel
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