'The Mindy Project' Showrunner: Mindy Ruined Casey's Life

Real talk: Pastor Casey was the best thing that ever happened to Mindy Lahiri.

I know we’re supposed to believe that Danny and Mindy are endgame, but Casey was always the best boyfriend/fiancé for Mindy. He truly let her be herself and brought out the best in her. I mean, who would have predicted that Mindy would sacrifice nearly a year of herself to help people in Haiti?

But according to showrunner Matt Warburton, Mindy pretty much ruined Casey’s life. Um, what?

Warburton was ranking each of Mindy’s boyfriends, and although he ranked Casey as #2 (#1 went to Danny), he had some harsh words for the couple.

“Mindy sent Casey spiraling in ways that really messed up his life. He quit the church to become a DJ, then an event planner, then a sneaker mogul with some very unfortunate tattoos (a Minion dressed as Shrek, for one).”

Honestly, I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment. Casey started changing careers because he was inspired by Haiti. His work there made him feel invincible, like he could do anything. How is that Mindy’s fault?

Well even if Mindy and Casey can’t be together on The Mindy Project, at least the actors can reunite on their next project, Champions, where Anders will play Mindy’s baby daddy. Anders Holm and Mindy Kaling’s chemistry is just too good to waste!

Lena Finkel
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