It’s happening, people.

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Things are happening! Mindy Kaling recently appeared at Hulu’s Television Critics Association and we have all the deets on The Mindy Project season 5.

Season 5 Premieres Oct. 4

Mark your clocks! Season 5 is officially premiering with an episode called “Decision 2016.” No, the episode is not about that decision. It’ll obviously be about Mindy’s decision about whether or not to get back together with Danny, or go with Jodi.

“In Mindy’s mind that’s the largest question looming for her this year, who she’ll pick romantically,” Mindy said.

Exec producer Matt Warburton added, “We’re not going to leave [people] hanging.”

Unfortunately the season is going to be a bit shorter, however. Only 16 episodes this time! *Cue tears*

Danny isn’t Going Anywhere

Don’t worry — even if Mindy doesn’t pick Danny, he’ll still be on the show. Matt explained.

“We love Chris, he loves working on the show, he’s Leo’s dad, so he’ll always have a place on the show. The characters are broken up; we only have so much real estate, so it just makes sense for him to have a smaller role.

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Get Ready for Some Awesome Guest Stars

Bryan Greenburg is coming to the show! We couldn’t be more stoked to see him play one of the new nurses on the staff. In case you missed the memo, Bryan is best remembered from the film Prime and for his reoccurring role on One Tree Hill.

Also, B.J. Novak is coming back! Yippee! Last we saw him on the show, he had found the love of his life and had left Mindy standing at her doorstep. Hopefully a friendship is in the works?

The Show is Taking on More Serious Topics

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Mindy says that they plan on taking on sexism and intersectionality is in the upcoming episode. In fact, in a fantasy sequence, Mindy will explore how her life would be different if she were a white man. The episode is called “If I Was Born a White Man,” but it’s yet to be officially pitched to Hulu. Mindy explained,

“I love the idea that something happens to Mindy that is really sexist, and then she wakes up the next morning as a white man. . . . It seems really interesting and fun and kind of a weird wish-fulfillment to see how differently she would be treated.”

Yeah. So, prepare yourself for that.

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