‘The Mindy Project’ *Desperately* Wants Judge Judy to Guest Star

Today in amazing news: The Mindy Project cast apparently wants Judge Judy to come on the show — badly!

Recently, The Mindy Project actor/writer/director Ike Barinholtz chatted with Variety about his dream guest star and it’s none other than Judge Judy herself. He said,

“We always wanted Judge Judy to play my grandmother. At the end of the day, she’s just too rich. She’s just not going to do it. When you have ‘Judge Judy’ money you don’t have to do anything besides your job.”

LOL! We could totally picture that. Rob McElhenney already guest starred as Morgan’s cousin so Judy would be the perfect addition to the fam! Ike actually mentioned something similar a bit ago and said,

“I was very adamant that we do an episode where Morgan gets into a big fight with his grandmother played by Judge Judy [Sheindlin]. She kicks him out and he has nowhere to go so he has to stay at Mindy’s for a while. And we kind of broke it, we talked about it. We never got Judge Judy because she makes $47 million a year and the thought of flying to California to act with me is [probably] disgusting to her.”

I mean, makes sense. According to an episode of Broad City, Judy is worth #^*!^!(#^!(!(@* million. She ain’t got time for TMP! But maybe she would do it out of the goodness of her heart? We seriously hope so!

Even without Judy, there will be plenty of amazing guest stars for the final season including Jay and Mark Duplass, Glenn Howerton, and Anders Holm. Can’t wait!

Lena Finkel
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