Miss UK Decides She No Longer Wants Her Crown After Being Body Shamed

miss uk returns crown
source: Facebook

Miss UK  Zoiey Smale just took a big step to tell the pageant world to eff it’s beauty standards: she returned her crown.

Zoiey won the UK division of the Miss United Continents pageant and was excited to move forward to the international portion of the competition. Until she was told something alarming from contest directors. They told her she needed to go on a diet plan and “lose as much weight as possible.”

Zoiey was obviously horrified. She told The Daily Mail,

“It’s horrible and it made me feel so rubbish about myself for a long, long time/ I said to my director, who was really supportive, that I don’t think someone should say that to girls, it’s awful and it’s horrible and it’s wrong. I don’t think to be a good role model you have to be stick-thin and I explained my reasoning that way.”

Smale told the pageant no and then went on to return her crown on principle. You go, girl! She stated,

“If a pageant doesn’t want to utilize my capabilities because I am a size 10, then it’s their loss.”


We could go into a whole side tangent about the toxicity of judging and comparing girls for their subject level of external beauty. But for now, we’ll stick to applauding Zoiey’s actions.

In an industry where girls are often pressured to do extreme things for “success”, it’s not easy to take the action Zoiey took. We hope that other girls are inspired by her and know when something doesn’t seem right, to stand by your values and take action.

Allie Bush
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