Model Iskra Lawrence Says Her Boyfriend is Already Having Talks of Race With Their Son

iskra lawrence son boyfriend philip payne
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It’s never too early to talk about race with your children.

That’s what Iskra Lawrence says, who recently addressed the topic on Instagram.

In honor of MLK Day, Iskra posted photos of her with boyfriend Philip Payne and their young son. In the caption, she wrote,

“The other day I snuck into our nursery to listen to @philipapayne speak to our son about race, his heritage, and how we want him to be proud of who his, it was so moving.”

iskra lawrence boyfriend philip payne
Iskra, Philip, and their son A.M.P in January 2021

She added,

“It is never too early to start having these conversations and I pray they never stop until just like MLK said that our children are judged for the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

This is something that many white parents have only recently started to think about despite the fact that Black families have always had to have “the talk” with their kids.

iskra lawrence son child baby daddy philip payne
Iskra, Philip, and their son in Malibu in September 2020

Since giving birth to her biracial son in April 2020, Iskra has become increasingly outspoken about racial justice.

After George Floyd’s murder, she wrote about her own journey learning about racism and encouraged her followers to do the anti-racist work as well. She said,

“I’ve asked far too many questions to my black loved ones when they are already exhausted and grieving for their community. It’s not on them to educate us privileged folk. We need to do our own research into the deep-rooted history of racism.”

She continued,

“There are many ways in which systematic oppression is used every day, especially to continue to spread fear and separation between races. Who is going to read up with me?”

iskra lawrence son child boyfriend philip payne
Iskra and Philip’s birth announcement of their son in April 2020

Despite the fact that her son is less than one year old, she and her son have already had to deal with racist death threats.

Iskra previously revealed that she started receiving “targeted hate and racism” after she and Philip first went public in January 2019 and started receiving death threats after announcing her pregnancy back in November 2019.

In addition to discussing racism, Iskra has used her platform to address body image issues, eating disorders, and postpartum depression. She also continues to act as a brand ambassador for Aerie.


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