'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Fights Back Against Body Shamers

sarah hyland modern family
credit: DFree/Shutterstock.com

Actresses are attacked all the time, but there’s something about Sarah Hyland’s fanbase that makes her one of the most criticized women online.

Is it because she’s on a family show and a bunch of old people with nothing else to do follow her and decide to share their ultra-conservative thoughts on her life decisions? I really don’t know. Whatever the reason, it’s not ok.

Sarah has had to defend herself against body shaming, countering the accusation that she’s promoting anorexia. She’s also been the subject of over-sexualization by the media, which is a disgusting side effect that often comes when actresses start their careers at a young age.

And now, she’s having to speak out again, and even acknowledged that this is becoming a routine thing.

Yesterday, Sarah posted an Insta cuddling with her new BF Wells Adams and their adorable pup Carl (what a great name, btw.) A lady direct messaged her, demanding that she keep her sex life private. She wanted to know, doesn’t Sarah know there are sacred things you don’t need to share on the internet???

Ok, lady.

Sarah responded, explaining that of course she wants her privacy, and she’s even keeping this new relationship on the DL. But she also wants to include her fans in on her life in some ways, which is perfectly reasonable, and up to her.


At the end of the day, the whole thing that started this incident was a picture of Sarah, her boyfriend, and a dog in a bed. There are a lot of other ways that hater could’ve spent those three minutes other than typing this bizarre message to Sarah Hyland. Sarah has enough scrutinization and shaming to last her whole career.

Anne Catherine Demere
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