A Timeline of Sarah Hyland's Health Struggles

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Why won’t trolls just leave Sarah Hyland alone?

The Modern Family star has been the target of online bullies for years now based solely on her small frame.

In the most recent incident, Sarah took to Instagram to say,

“I’ve been reading some of your DMs and so many of you are like, ‘Girl, you fine, but like, eat some bread!’ I would like to put in a request for anyone who is concerned about my bread consumption to send it to Wells Adams because he is the sole person who knows about how much bread I consume on a daily basis. Thanks! Love you, mean it. ‘K, bye.”

Wells quickly followed up with his own post and said,

“Just saw Sarah’s story. Apparently, there are concerns about how much bread she eats. I can vouch for her that she truly is — she’s not a carnivore, she’s a carbivore.”

It’s honestly crazy that anyone continues to attack Sarah, considering how open she has been about her struggles with kidney dysplasia. The disease, as well as her medications, give Sarah terrible side effects, one of which is her thin appearance. So to mock someone who is struggling with a disease is just plain cruel.

The actress has been fighting kidney dysplasia her entire life. But the last few years, she’s had to deal with so much more — body shamers, unwanted medical side effects, false rumors, trashy magazines, and quack doctors.

Sarah was born with kidney dysplasia, often caused by genetics, and has been fighting ever since. According to Sarah,

“I was born with so many health issues that doctors told my mother I would never have a normal life. And she said, ‘You’re right, she won’t — but it won’t be because of her health.'”

Kidney dysplasia develops in utero and many babies don’t survive. Those who do survive need dialysis and a kidney transplant very early on. The condition causes one or both of the kidneys to develop abnormal and cysts replace healthy tissue. For Sarah, this has caused a lifelong journey to health.

To fully understand her story, let’s go back to 2012 when she first opened up to Seventeen about her condition.

May 2012: Sarah Reveals She had a Kidney Transplant

In April of that year, Sarah received a kidney from her father. In her first interview about her condition, she later told Seventeen,

“You know that family is always going to be there for you – no matter what. My dad gave me a freakin’ kidney!. But it’s also the families that you create outside of your family. And you really find out what kind of people you’re friends with.”

Her boyfriend at the time, Matt Prokop, helped her with constant injections and took her to doctor appointments to keep her well.

April 2015: Sarah Talks Happiness In the Face of Adversity

Sarah returned to Seventeen to discuss her disease and how she continues to enjoy life despite it all.

“If I can’t have an ordinary life, I might as well have an extraordinary one. If you set your mind to something, you’ll achieve it.”

May 2017: Sarah Takes on Body Shamers

In a lengthy Twitter post, she wrote,

“I will say this year has brought a lot of changes and with that, physical changes. I’ve basically been on bed rest for the past few months, I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. My circumstances have put me in a place where I’m not in control of what my body looks like. I write this because I’ve been accused of promoting anorexia… And I want young girls to know that that’s NOT my intention.”

She added,

“I don’t mind when you say that I look pregnant. Or fat. Because I know that my face is swollen from medication that is saving my life. I’m a 26-year-old woman who goes through more than you could ever imagine on a daily basis. I am grateful for the life I live and you should be too.”

She said that online bullies were telling her “to eat a burger” and that “her head is too big for her body.”

“It’s never fun to look in the mirror and see your hard work at the gym fade away or have your legs be the size of one’s arms. But I know that when I get the clearance I will be able to get back to the STRONG, lean, and fabulous self I know I can be.”

September 2017: Sarah Gets a Tattoo to Commemorate Her Struggle

On Instagram, she debuted a new, symbolic tattoo inspired by her favorite Robert Frost quote, “The best way out is always through.”

sarah hyland tattoos
Sarah Hyland’s new tattoo

November 2017: Sarah Discusses the Side Effects of Her Medications

After being accused of getting plastic surgery by Life & Style magazine, she took to Instagram to address the rumors head-on. She explained that her medication prednisone, which prevents organ rejection, was the cause of her “moon face” swelling. As a result, she uses lymphatic rollers to help reduce the swelling, although she admitted she wasn’t sure if it was working or not.

December 2017: Sarah Faces Obstacles to Getting Her Medication

Although she had her kidney transplant more than 5 years ago, she still continues to take medication to manage her condition. So when she couldn’t pick up her prescription one day, she panicked. She posted on Twitter,

“If that infection is not treated soon, it would turn into pyelonephritis, which would send my kidney into rejection. And then I’d be put on dialysis, and then I would be put on the waiting list for another kidney. So I’d really not like that.”

Luckily, CVS saw her message and quickly fixed it, making sure Sarah got what she needed. But of course, that doesn’t help all the other people in Sarah’s situation. Just as Sarah said,

“People like me can’t afford to go without medication.”

March 2018: Sarah Talks Chronic Pain And Dealing with Doctors

She tweeted,

“For those who are chronically ill and in chronic pain: Have you had the experience of doctors not listening to you?. If so, how do you not tear their heads off with your bare hands? :)”

Sarah Hyland via Instagram stories

June 2018: Sarah Returns to the Hospital

On June 22, Sarah revealed that she had to return to the hospital due to her condition. She posted the selfie above with the caption,

“Sometimes a selfie is more than just a good angle and feeling cute. This time for #nationalselfieday I’ve decided to share my truth. As painful as it,” she wrote. “So here is my face that was torn from work against my will. But I’m very grateful it was. Health should always come first.”

No word yet if Sarah has returned home.


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