MTV is Reviving My Super Sweet 16

my super sweet 16
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In this week’s edition of “umm…why?” we present to you: MTV is reviving My Super Sweet 16.

Yep, the network is bringing back the show that rocked the station in the early-to-mid 2000s.

For this edition, MTV is partnering up with the app to cast the series. Users can submit videos with the hashtag #MySuperSweetAudition for consideration for the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is the first time the network will use a mobile app to cast a show. Ahh, how times have changed since the first installment.

We hope that the revival will be a little less obnoxious than the original. Although it was fun to get a chuckle from the ridiculous behaviors of the guys and gals on the show, it was definitely all too much.

The materialistic nightmare of the original made a freak show out of spoiled kids who were products of their upbringing, and it just wasn’t healthy for any of us to consume. Let’s see where this revival goes.

First news of American Idol coming back, and now this? It’s like middle school all over again, yikes.

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Allie Bush
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