There's Officially a Sex Map of the U.S. And Damn, Do We Like it Rough

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Sex toy company Lovehoney has developed my new favorite technology of 2019: an interactive sex map that breaks down sexual desires, fantasies, and proclivities for toys by state and city.

The detailed sex map features data from over 250 cities coast to coast. What they found might actually surprise you, starting with New York City, which ranked as one of the least sexy cities in America.

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In a press release, Lovehoney Product Director Bonny Hall said,

“The data collected, which was taken from Lovehoney sales from the past three years, allows us to uncover the sexual behaviors, trends, and habits of our US fans, as we continue to make a fun, fulfilling sex life available to everyone.”

Lovehoney is using the sex map to share some interesting, nationwide data on how each individual city and state likes to get down. The map compares romantic preference data of the two coasts, ranks cities by fantasies, and even categorizes cities by their collective preferred dildo length.

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Keep reading to find out the most interesting sexual data from Lovehoney’s interactive, nationwide sex map!

The Top 10 Sexiest Cities

Dayton, Ohio came in at #10, Orlando, Florida at #9, Minneapolis, Minnesota at #8, Montpelier, Vermont at #7, Atlanta, Georgia at #6, Bozeman, Montana at #5, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at #4, Salt Lake City, Utah at #3, and Boulder, Colorado at #2. As for the city with the number one spot? Morgantown, West Virginia!

Not only does the map rank the top 10 “sexiest” cities, but it also has an interactive feature where readers can take a mini quiz to find out their ideal sex city. Users can take the quiz and share their preferences for vibrators, butt plugs, bondage, strap-ons, and roleplay. Then, it computes the data and calculates your ideal city based on your sexual preferences.

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(Apparently, mine is Chicago, Illinois, which is ranked the 174th sexiest city in the USA. So maybe I’m not as sexy as I thought I was?!)

The map then provides the top selling sex toys in the searched-for city. It even allows you to compare the cities’ sexual habits and preferences. I compared my “ideal sex city” with the city I actually live in — New York, NY — and wouldn’t you know? Chicago is sexier on all counts, butt plugs and all.

Top Fantasies by City

Lovehoney found that Fairbanks, Alaska is the top US location for roleplay. The most common roleplay scenario? French maids and butlers. Same goes for the next two cities on the list, Boulder, CO, and Friedrich, MD.
Lovehoney Fantasy Plus Size French Maid Basque/

The West Coast has a different proclivity for types of roleplay, as do most Red states. Both share an inclination for schoolgirl costumes.

Cities Categorized by Dildo Length

Some like it… big. In Southaven, Mississippi most especially. The Mississippi town — with a population of nearly 50,000 people — ranks #1 in dildo length. The average size is 8.66 inches long.

Comparatively, Lewiston, Maine likes things much smaller. The average length of dildos bought in Lewiston is 6 inches long.

The Desires of the Dirty South

People in the South are getting down and dirty (and not just because of Southaven, Mississippi’s inclination for nearly 9-inch dildos).

Apparently, folks in the south love mango-flavored lube, French maid costumes, anal proctoscopes, and strap-ons.

East Coast vs. West Coast

Sexual proclivities of the West and East Coast are surprisingly different.

On the East Coast, Springfield, Massachusetts holds the record for largest dildo preference at 7.97 inches (still not as big as Southaven, MS though!).

While the East Coast prefers mango-flavored lube, the West Coast strongly prefers raspberry.

Liberator Black Label Sex Position Ramp Set / Lovehoney

In bondage, East Coasters enjoy Lovehoney’s BASICS Bondage Bed Restraint, while West Coasters prefer Lovehoney’s Bad Kitty Fetish Bra with Silicone Nipple Clamps.

But both coasts come together with one unified common thread: their top search item. Both coasts are most curious about — drum roll, please! — strap-ons.

Hands down, this is the best thing to come out of the last few years. Airpods be damned!


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