natural hair emoji

Looks like Yara Shahidi might finally get her wish! Emojis featuring natural hair have been submitted for approval by Emojipedia.

Images of the natural hair emojis were shared via Twitter, along with emojis with red, gray, and no hair.

The emojis will need to be officially approved by the Unicode Consortium before they are added to your keyboard, but we have a good feeling about this. In the last batch of additions, emojis with varying skin tones were added and they were an overwhelming success.

Many have been calling for natural hair emojis, like actress Yara Shahidi, who complained on Instagram.

Natural hair has been embraced by many for years now, and all the big celebs have been spotted rocking their natural curls, even most recently First Lady Michelle Obama!

Various apps have included their own version of a natural hair emoji, like Dove’s app, but this would add the emojis to the universal keyboard.

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