Natural Ways to Stay Healthy Next Winter

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Although the pandemic has loosened its grip on society in the past few months, looming threats of recurrent surges of Covid around the world show that nobody should be caught off guard when it comes to keeping their immune system in check.

Even if it weren’t for the coronavirus, many people are prone to random bouts of cold or flu during the winter months. Natural prevention by building up your immunity ahead of time is key, so read on to find out about some effective and natural ways to stay healthy next winter.

Drink and Eat Your Vitamins

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Summer and fall months are especially favorable when it comes to the assortment of healthy seasonal fruit, whereas you can diversify your veggie intake at any time by looking up new recipes such as those found in a vegan diet and trying something new every time you cook up a delicious and healthy meal.

Oranges, cherries, watermelon, tomatoes, and all kinds of leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and arugula are packed with powerful nutrients that can do wonders for your health and contribute to building up your immunity over time so that winter doesn’t catch you unprepared.

Stick to an Exercise Routine

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You must already be aware of the numerous health benefits of regular exercise, but it doesn’t hurt to point out that moderate-intensity workouts have been shown to boost cellular immunity. Indeed, working out at least 3 times a week can not only strengthen your immune system but also improve your hormonal balance and energy levels, both of which contribute to a healthier body and mind.

Before winter rolls around, try starting and sticking to an exercise regimen that works for you and your specific schedule. Above all, remember that you are exercising primarily to stay healthy and not to look a certain way, so don’t compare yourself with others in terms of an apple vs. pear shaped body type, for example. Simply focus on reaping the rewards of a healthy and regular workout routine.

Spend Some Quality Time Outside

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Time outside has long been proven to help boost the body’s immune system, largely due to the fact that we get most of our vitamin D from sunlight (as opposed to our diet, through which very little of it is obtained). Not only that, but many viruses are unable to survive or proliferate when exposed to hot weather or UV rays.

Our bodies might slow their immune response and become vulnerable to viruses and germs if they become deficient in vitamin D, so try to get enough sunlight throughout the week to keep your body’s vitamin D production going strong.

That being said, it is always necessary to be aware that increased sun exposure, especially between 11 AM and 5 PM during the summer, can be damaging to your skin. Wearing appropriate sun protection and protective clothing while being out and about is an absolute must. To bolster your vitamin D production in a healthy and safe way, be sure to limit the time you spend in the sun while UV activity is at its highest.

Drink Bone Broth

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Something that all of our grandmothers have taught us regardless of where we come from is that bone broth is a kind of ‘superfood’ that can work to boost your immune system. As you’re probably aware, the terms ‘broth’ and ‘stock’ refer to a savory liquid that is flavored with vegetables and cooked with bones with connective tissues and leftover meat.

Many different cultures across the world support the assertion that something as simple as chicken soup has the ability to ward off colds. The contents of bone broth point to the fact that this may not be far from the truth; for example, it has been shown to assist in restoring gut health by keeping particles from passing through and producing a healthy and appropriate inflammatory response rather than an overly aggressive one, thus helping with leaky gut syndrome.

In addition to that, the collagen found in bone broth has positive benefits on a range of autoimmune diseases; if you suffer from one, you are likely more prone to random infections during winter. Healthy connective tissues can help fight infections if you do end up coming down with a cold.