Netflix 'Do Revenge': Hairstylist Katie Ballard Breaks Down Camila Mendes' Looks From the Film

do revenge hairstyles camila mendes
credit: Kim Simms/Netflix © 2022

Ever since Do Revenge dropped on Netflix, pretty much everyone has been obsessed with Camila Mendes aka Drea’s style.

Drea’s outfits, hairstyles, and makeup are heavily influenced by 90s and Y2K aesthetics and evoke iconic movies from the era including Clueless, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Katie Ballard, the Hair Department Head of the film, told FEMESTELLA,

“Luckily when we began filming, this 90s resurgence was just beginning to get its footing, so I took note of trends that were currently stirring and did my best to predict where they were going.”

She added,

“I made an effort to pair fresh and iconic trends with classic, editorial styles to spark new trends while also ensuring that our most iconic styles could stand the test of time.”

camila mendes hairstyles do revenge
credit: Kim Simms/Netflix © 2022

For Drea’s hairstyles, in particular, Katie turned to original 90s style icons such as Drew Barrymore, Julia Stiles, J-Lo, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, and Alicia Silverstone for inspiration. She also looked to current trendsetters like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, who are embracing the Y2K aesthetic.

Katie added that Camila Mendes, who plays Drea, onscreen, also helped to influence her character’s look. She explained,

“Cami, being a style icon all on her own, came in with a lot to add in terms of the modern twist on the 90’s/00’s styles and how Drea would inspire them.”

camila mendes do revenge hairstyles
credit: Kim Simms/Netflix © 2022

Camila was particularly influential when it came to picking out Drea’s hair accessories. Katie said,

“In the morning, I would pull accessory options that coordinated with Cami’s wardrobe changes for the day and lay them out for her to choose from.”

Since Drea is on a budget, Katie chose to go with affordable pieces from emerging brands like Chunks, Valet Studio, and We Are Chimmi, noting that Chunks seemed to be Camila’s favorite.

“9 times out of 10, her first choice was a piece from Chunks. They’ve got an option to go with every look imaginable, and their pieces add the perfect pop of style to even an everyday look.”

do revenge hairstyles camila mendes
credit: Kim Simms/Netflix © 2022

If you love Drea’s hair accessories, shop hair clips from Chunks, Valet Studio. and Chimmi below. You can also check out where to get Drea’s outfits here.

Do Revenge is currently streaming on Netflix.

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”Do Revenge’: Where to Get Camila Mendes’ Outfits

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