Netflix 'Elite': 10 Times Carla Proved She Had the *Best* Taste in Jewelry

elite season 3 carla style

It takes a lot to be la Marquesita — just ask Carla from Elite.

Carla is always expected to be perfectly put together from head to toe, no matter where she goes. Luckily, Carla has *amazing* taste in clothing, and that includes her jewelry.

So, in an ode to the Marchioness herself, let’s honor some of her most amazing earrings, necklaces, and brooches — all of which are classy AF.

1. Coin and Chain Linear Earrings

elite season 4 carla

How cute are these earrings? We’re pretty sure they would go with everything too.

2. Chain Fringe, Cuffs, and Linear Drop Earrings

elite carla style

Carla wore this look to the post-graduation party and we’re officially obsessed! She somehow managed to make a statement without being over-the-top.

3. Bee Brooch and Pearl Pin

elite season 3 carla

This is one of Carla’s favorite school looks. We love how the little bee brooch and the linear pearl pin add the perfect amount of personality to her uniform.

4. Geometric Drop Earrings

elite carla earrings

We love how Carla took these classic geometric earrings and paired them with a leather jacket to make them look a little edgier.

5. Mixed Material Fringe Earrings

elite carla necklace

How cute are these fringe earrings that have both strands of pearls and crystals?

6. Circle Pearl Brooch

elite season 4 renewed

This is another of Carla’s favorite brooches to wear to school. The pearls look super cute with the preppy cardigan.

7. Linear Pearl Earrings

elite renewed esther exposito

These pearl drop earrings are perfect for a night out!

8. Ring on a String

elite renewed season 4

This dainty crystal ring necklace is a great piece to wear alone or layered.

9. Classic Pearl Studs

elite netflix cast

There was no way we’d include a list of Carla’s jewelry moments without her favorite pair of pearl studs! Carla wears these nearly every day to school since they pretty much go with everything.

10. Embellished Bow Brooch

elite cast carla samuel

If it isn’t obvious by now, Carla loves a good brooch to pair with her school uniform. We love how this one is adorned with jewels and a striped bow!


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