Netflix 'Elite': We Recreated Ari's 13 Most Over-the-Top Outfits — On a Budget

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Love her or hate her, you gotta admit that Elite newbie Ari Blanco Commerford has *incredible* taste in fashion.

Whether she’s just going to school or attending a towel party, Ari always shows up dressed to impress.

Of course, that incredible wardrobe comes with a price tag. A lot of what Ari wears came straight from the runway.

So for those of us whose father isn’t the principal of Las Encinas, we might have to get a little creative if we want to look as stylish as Ari. After all, not all of us can afford such a high-fashion wardrobe!

If you’re looking to get Ari’s looks from season 4, you’re in luck. We hunted and we hunted and we found affordable dupes for all her best outfits. Of course, some of them were definitely harder than others. It’s not easy replicating couture, after all. But we definitely found pieces that capture the essence of Ari’s style.

Check out Ari’s best outfits — and how you can recreate them — below.

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1. Dinner with the Boyfriend

ari elite netflix season 4

Ari wore this super cute white ruched off-the-shoulder mini dress when Guzman came over to dinner with her family. The original look is from Lady Framboise.

2. School Days

ari elite actress

Ari *definitely* knows how to take a school uniform up a notch. With her tie-front shirt, white beret, and red leather backpack, this look is definitely a standout.

3. Party Dress

carla diaz elite

If it’s one thing Ari proved this season, it’s that hot pink is totally her color. Ari rocked this side ruffle bodycon dress with a matching mini bag and we’re obsessed.

4. Date Night

carla diaz elite ari outfits

Ari wore this button-up dress on a date night with Guzman and we’re so into it!

5. Dinner with the Fam

elite season 4 cast

Ari looked like Belle from Beauty & the Beast when she dined out with her father and siblings in an early episode. The original dress is by Cristina Garcia.

6. Peachy Keen

ari elite outfits

Ari rocked this cute peach suit with a neon orange bralette while she was hanging out around the house.

7. Video Date

elite season 4 cast

Ari wore this matching satin cami and shorts set while video chatting with Guzman.

8. Making a Statement

ari elite style

Ari always shows up to a party dressed to the nines! This time, she wore a purple teddy coat, sequin biker shorts, and a matching sequin bralette.

9. Out With Guzman

carla diaz elite

On a date night with Guzman, she wore a pink tweed mini skirt with a square neck lilac cami.

10. Life’s a Ball

elite ari outfits

Ari showed up at Prince Phillippe’s Le Ball party in this nude couture gown with lace, organza, and satin. The original dress from the show is a couture gown by Barcelona-based designer Yolancris.

11. Matching Floral Suit

ari elite outfits

Ari wore this three-piece matching set while hanging out with Guzman. The original set is actually from Zara but unfortunately, it’s no longer available but we found some cute dupes below.

12. Out on the Town

ari elite carla diaz actress

Ari enjoyed a night out with Guzman rocking this yellow tulle mini dress. Is it just us, or does Ari really love a neon dress?

13. Meeting the Prince

elite season 4 cast

Last but not least is the hot pink feather dress that Ari wore to meet Prince Phillippe. The original dress was designed by Mihano Momosa and is not available online. it was pretty impossible to replicate but we found some that capture the essence of the look.


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