Netflix 'Lucifer': DB Woodside Defends Police Brutality Episode

lucifer season 6 police brutality
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Netflix finally dropped Lucifer season 6 and people are having *a lot* of feelings.

But perhaps the episode that is getting the most attention is episode 6, “A Lot Dirtier Than That,” which follows Amenadiel after he joins the LAPD. He soon runs into the dirty cop he met in season 4, who has since been promoted to detective. Amenadiel makes it his mission to take him down.

Fans have reacted with mixed emotions, with some praising the episode and others condemning it. But actor DB Woodside is happy with how the episode came out.

Speaking with The Wrap, he said,

“I thought [showrunner] Ildy [Modrovich] did a great job writing it and Claudia [Yarmy], of course, like I said, is an absolutely spectacular director. And to be able to do something like this with Merrin Dungey [who plays cop Sonja Harris] who is someone that I’ve admired for many years, I love her work.”

He added,

“I feel like we tackled the topic head-on this season. They were open to hearing what I had to say. And there were, I think, one or two things in the original version of the script that really didn’t feel right to me. And I addressed it with Ildy and she was open and she changed it.”

lucifer season 6 amenadiel black lives matter
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This is the second time that Lucifer has attempted to address police brutality. The first time was in season 4 episode 8 when Amenadiel and a Black teen named Caleb are racially profiled and attacked by cops.

Looking back, DB admitted that he wasn’t so thrilled with how that episode came out. He said,

“I’ll say this now publicly, since everything is over, I don’t feel like we did as good of a job tackling this issue in Season 4 as we could have. I thought that it was danced around a little bit. And that’s something that, when I look back on that, my heart aches a little bit that we didn’t tackle that more head-on.”

He continued,

“I think this was a particular topic that scared people, for all the obvious reasons. But it is a topic that we really need to tackle and we really need to talk about.”

DB said the topic hits particularly close to home due to his own experience with police brutality. He said,

“This particular topic, for all the obvious reasons, is personal for me. Being a Black man, being someone that was abused by the police constantly from seven years old till I was in my late 20s. But this one was personal.”

lucifer police brutality episode season 6
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Although DB was happy with the outcome, not all fans shared the sentiment. One person on Twitter commented,

“Hollywood’s commitment to making all Black people become cops is so intense that in Lucifer, the last season has Amenadiel, who is a *literal angel*, becoming a police officer. It’s so transparent that it’d be kinda funny if it didn’t serve as PR for the carceral state that delights in our murder!!”

Another person wrote,

“I really enjoy the show Lucifer, but it’s so very clear that there are no black writers in the writers’ room that this storyline of Amenadiel dealing with police brutality got me straight up loling.”

lucivfer police brutality amenadiel
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Whether or not fans like how the topic is handled, DB is just happy that Lucifer tackled it at all. He said,

“It shouldn’t be something that, just because people are afraid to talk about this particular topic — the police brutality towards Black men, towards Black women, towards brown men, towards brown women — this shouldn’t be a topic that we shy away from.”

You can currently watch all six seasons of Lucifer on Netflix.


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