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Is it just me, or did the Netflix offline viewing option release under the radar?

I didn’t realize until recently that you can watch some of your favorite streaming shows and movies completely offline. No WiFi or data required. How did I not know about this before?

Maybe I don’t pay enough attention, but this Netflix feature is actually really useful and should be more widely discussed!

Made available back in November 2016, subscribing members can download titles to watch later when not connected to internet or data. The service is available through the app, for viewing on tablets and smartphones.

Of course, not every title is available for offline viewing. But many of our favorites are! Here are our picks for top downloadable titles (in no particular order):

1. The Office
2. Supernatural
3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
4. Orange is the New Black
5. Stranger Things
6. Parks and Recreation
7. Jane the Virgin
8. Grace and Frankie
9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
10. Breaking Bad

There are a handful of downloadable movies as well. Available titles are always changing, but some of our faves include SuperbadBridget Jones’s Diary, and The Imitation Game

So whether you are on-the-go, catching a flight, or just don’t want to waste your data plan, you’ve now got options!

Other streaming platforms offer similar services. Amazon Prime has been offering it for a while, and Hulu announced that it will soon provide the luxury as well.

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