Nevada Just Proposed an Awesome Birth Control Bill

We don’t often say this but, go, Nevada! The state just proposed a bill that would allow women to pick up a year’s worth of birth control pills at a time.

Currently, people can only go to the pharmacy and get three months’ worth of birth control at a time. If you’ve ever been on the pill, you know what a bitch this can be. But Nevada is proposing new legislation that would enable people to pick up 12 months’ worth of contraceptives at a time, at no extra cost.

This might not seem like such a huge deal if you live in the city or close to the pharmacy but for many, this is going to be a life-changer. For rural communities, this will make access to contraceptives way easier. Not to mention that lower-income women who may have to work odd hours or when the pharmacy is open will have an easier time picking up their prescription.

The bill is backed by NARAL Pro-Choice America, as well as local OBGYNs. If passed, Nevada would become the sixth state to offer this opportunity. It’s up for a vote this week.

We love seeing all this progress when it comes to birth control. Our favorite to date? Nurx, which cuts out the trip to the pharmacy all together and mails your birth control right to your home. Nurx is currently only available in California, New York, Washington DC, Washington states, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Florida, but they’re growing.

Lena Finkel
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