'New Girl': How to Get Jess Day's Style

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It’s been more than two years since New Girl officially went off the air but we continue to be inspired by Jessica Day, her feisty spirit, and her iconic wardrobe.

There’s truly no other character on TV who has embraced the feminine, vintage-inspired style that Jessica Day rocked throughout the six seasons of New Girl. She continues to be one of our favorite fashion inspirations with her many striped sweaters and her countless high-waisted shorts.

So, how exactly can you add a little Jess Day into your wardrobe? Check out her 10 top outfits below as well as where to get look-a-like items that won’t break the bank.

“Fancyman, Part 1”

jessica dayy style fashion outfits

Jess wore this outfit in season 1 when she assisted Nick to pick out a new cellphone — which he was quickly denied because of her epically low credit score.


new girl jess day outfits season 1

Jess chose this wrap dress to go confront her ex Spencer and to get back her TV.

“House Hunt”

new girl jess day outfits

Jess chose this adorable denim romper to help Schmidt and Cece find their first house.


new girl jess day outfits season 2

Jess sported this puff-sleeve bodycon dress on her friend date with Nick before running off to have sex with Sam.


new girl jessica day style outfits

Jess was wearing this gingham shirtdress when she got caught working on Cece’s wedding dress at Schmidt’s company Ass Strat.


new girl jessica day zooey deschanel

Jess wore this super cute chambray dress on her practice dates as Schmidt taught her to use the dating app Dice.


new girl jessica day outfits

Straight from Zoey Deschanel’s collection with Tommy Hilfiger, this dress appeared in the final episode of season 3, when the whole gang went on a super awkward cruise together.

“Parking Spot”

new girl jess day style fashion outfit

Jessica wore this military-style wool jacket as she raced to beat Schmidt and Nick to the apartment’s only parking spot.


jessica day outfits style fashion

Jess wore this classic striped sweater to go hang out with her new (very young) neighbors.


new girl jess day style

This is perhaps the most Jess Day-esque outfits ever. Jess rocked this striped sweater and pleated skirt when she tried to convince Nick that most people are, in fact, good.


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