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It’s that time of the week again and personally one of my favorites (not just because it’s Friday) but because we get tons of new music! This week Charli XCX is back with new music and the up and coming women musicians are seriously everything.

Check out the list of the wonderful women you absolutely need to listen to!

Charli XCX “Babygirl”

After taking some time off from releasing music, Charli XCX is back with the new Number 1 Angel. One of the standouts is “Babygirl” featuring Uffie. In it Charli channels British singer Lily Allen a bit with her vocals, which is awesome! The song is catchy with a fun beat that you can sit and bop your head to. We are happy Charli is back and if you haven’t listened yet, go check out her album!

Brenda Mada “House Party”

Until today I hadn’t heard of Brenda Mada, but now that I have I’m in need of even more music from her ASAP! Mada’s song “House Party” if perfect for just that – a house party. Mada sings about being young and having fun to a beat with guitars, drums and a sax which ends the song. It’s different than most pop songs out, but it’ll leave you asking for more from this young artist and we cannot wait to hear what else she has in store.

Skylar Stecker “Only Want You”

Skylar Stecker is a 14-year-old sensation, which I didn’t think I’d ever say, but here we are! Stecker sings about wantingg boys because at 14 that’s your biggest problem, ot course. However old you are you can relate to Stecker though and enjoy her catchy pop song. “Only Want You” also showcases her vocal talents and at 14 it seems Stecker has a long career ahead of her.

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Elle King “Wild Love”

Yes Elle King, I am obsessed with this song. Powerhouse vocalist and wild girl, King has released a strong and beautiful love song that isn’t your regular love ballad. King sings over a tropical beat that makes you want to dance and the lyrics are sure to make you remember your first love. I’m now in need of a new album from the “Ex’s and the Oh’s” singer.

La’Porsha Renae “Somebody Does”

American Idol alum La’Porsha Renae showcases her amazing vocals over a relaxing guitar about a guy cheating on her, but guess what? She’s over him and knows there’s more out there for her. Not only is this a good song, but it’s got a powerful message to women about not staying with someone who doesn’t truly want to be with you. We love the message and we love the song!

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