Nick Viall on Split with Vanessa Grimaldi: “I Still Love Her Very Much”

nick viall vanessa grimaldi split
credit: Nick Viall/ Instagram

In case you missed it, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi ended their engagement last week, after being together for just 5 months since The Bachelor finale.

Many of us were not super surprised about the split, given the show’s track record and the couple’s complete lack of chemistry.

Regardless of your stance on the relationship, it is understandably painful for the two involved, especially while still being active in the public eye. But now they are opening up for the first time since the announcement.

Vanessa took to Instagram to post a picture with a friend. The caption reads,

“It’s okay to feel broken. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to lean on a friend. In the end, it will always be okay.”

Nick has since spoken with Us Weekly and had a little more to say. He said,

“I still love her very much. I’m not afraid to say that.”

He added,

“I’m always trying to stay busy, especially right now with things. My friends, my family, and Vanessa and I are still very much each other’s support system. We’re trying to do that and it’s a challenge at times, but we still realize that we’re there for each other.”

We’re glad that the two are surrounded by support from friends and family at this time. Nick has been taking acting classes the past few months, and Vanessa has been active with her charity No Better You.

Guess this means no televised wedding, huh?

Allie Bush
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