Nicki Minaj: It Takes ‘Balls’ to Walk in My Shoes

In case you thought living the life of the rich and glamourous was easy, let Nicki Minaj correct you: it’s not!

While at the 2017 Fashion Los Angeles Awards, the singer (and now model) talked about how difficult it is to live in the public eye as a woman.

“We win and fail in the public eye. That’s not easy to do. People think they know what it requires. People think they can do it. Everybody wants to walk in your shoes, until you put them in your shoes.”

She congratulated all “kick-ass women” everywhere and added,

“It takes guts, it takes balls to fail and to make mistakes in the public eye, and to read s–tty comments about yourself every f–king day and to still have a beautiful f–king smile on your f–king face.”

Minaj is certainly no stranger to facing “shitty comments.” The artist has faced criticism over her body, sexuality, wardrobe, romances, and more.

In addition to her career as one of the most successful female rappers, Minaj is also branching out into the world of modeling. She recently signed with Wilhemina International as part of their celebrity division.

But don’t think she’s done with music just yet. Earlier this year she took the title of the most Billboard Hot 100 hits of any female artist in history.

Lena Finkel
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