‘OITNB’ Season 5: Natasha Lyonne Talks Nicky and Lorna’s Relationship

We know everyone is all about Alex and Piper, but Nicky and Lorna have always been one of our favorite couples on Orange is the New Black. Actress Natasha Lyonne recently dished on how their relationship changes in season 5.

Nicky and Lorna have always had a bit of a rocky relationship, and OITNB season 5 is no different. But with the riot at full force, the two can’t afford to be apart. Lyonne said,

“As we often see in life with the people who we’re closest to, an accident or a terrifying event can bring us close to them again. It overtakes whatever smaller details might have squashed a certain element of the relationship, and so certainly we see that they have a very deep and unbreakable bond when push comes to shove. And because of the romantic nature of their history, that is in flight, too.”

Lyonne and Yael Stone, who plays Lorna, have some of the best chemistry on set, which Lyonne says is in full force in season 5.

“Romantically, we’re pretty gung-ho. We like each other, and it feels very risk-free, free make outs. We’re not entirely professional about it. We both enjoy slipping into method acting when we’re together for fun.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be OITNB without a little turmoil.

“Anarchy is a big theme for the season. It has sort of a ‘Lord of the Flies’ element. We end up seeing both [Nicky and Lorna] with like the most heart and least selfish behavior, as well as seeing them take it out on each other because it’s just, like, general lawlessness happening, which is also, I guess, a lawlessness of the heart.”

In addition to starring on Orange, Natasha is also directing a film for fashion brand Kenzo, which stars Maya Rudolph. The film drops on Kenzo’s website on September 1, 2018.


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