Olivia Wilde is Hitting Broadway

olivia wilde 1984
source: Instagram

Get your wallets ready, Olivia Wilde’s Broadway debut is on the way.
The actress is hitting the stage in an adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984.

Wilde tweeted:

She will star alongside Tom Sturridge and Reed Birney, Broadway stage veterans.

Performances commence in May for a limited engagement.

The timing of this play is unlikely coincidental, as Wilde hinted in her tweet. After Trump’s election, many began reading and rereading the classic novel, as many themes seemed to resonate with what’s going on today.

The novel, written in 1949, tells the story of a dystopian future in which the government, nicknamed “Big Brother,” is always watching the citizens. The dictatorship rewrites history to its liking, destroys unapproved literature and encourages children to tattle on their parents if they are not following the rules. Any negative talk regarding the government is not tolerated. Sound familiar?

Olivia has been vocal in her anti-Trump actions, from chopping off her hair to distance herself from Melania to attending the Women’s March back in January.

Sadly we doubt we’ll be able to see her stage performance but look forward to reading the reviews!

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