Oreo Is The Only Brand That Got Commercialized Pride *Right*

lgbtq oreos

Pride month has officially come to an end and that means the end to 30 days of brands trying to profit off of LGBTQ rights.

There’s nothing I hate more than the commercialization of Pride, feminism, and social justice but Oreo might have just broke the mold.

The company partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality to create “Pronoun Packs” of cookies in blue, pink, and purple, borrowing some colors from the trans pride flag.

lgbtq oreos
Credit: @mnmtwinz / Instagram

According to Instagram account @mnmtwinz, Oreo showed up for Worldwide pride to hand out “hundreds, if not thousands” of entire packs of Oreos, pins, and stickers. The packs were covered in gender symbols and different pronouns like “they/theirs,” “he/his,” and “she/hers.” The buttons encouraged parade attendees to “ask me my pronouns.”

Unlike all of the other brands trying to buy Pride, Oreo’s products were completely FREE and just for fun, not profit.

Although brands like Fila, Converse, and more all promised to donate a percentage of the profits of their Pride collections to LGBTQ rights organization, their items were not cheap. A cropped tee from Fila cost $45, a pair of low top Converse sneakers rings in at $95, and a pair of Levi’s cutoff jean shorts go for $70. Not exactly wallet-friendly.

It’s unclear whether Oreo will decide to sell these Pronoun Packs in stores, but either way, I’m totally down for this fun collab. Nice job, Oreo!


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