'Orphan Black:' Your Two Favorite Characters Are Getting Their Own Comic Book

If you thought the clone club was dead, you thought wrong. Orphan Black is being resurrected… in comic book form!

The original comic books series was based on the TV show but now Orphan Black is about to go off book with a limited edition six-issue series focused on the adventures of Cosima and Delphine.

YASSS! The cutest couple lives on!

The series will pick up exactly where the series left off. It will follow the couple as they travel the world, curing all the LEDA clones. How cool!

The writer, Heli Kennedy, said,

“I’m so excited to send Cosima and Delphine around the world. A scientist-superhero couple, saving clones in amazing locations — I couldn’t ask for much more, story-wise. And I can’t wait to delve into who they are, outside of science. Both as a couple and individuals. Their intense love-work relationship is the perfect ‘in’ to explore their dreams, fears, families, the skeletons they keep hidden…all the good, challenging bits of a complicated relationship.”

She added that although some of the other sestras will make appearances, the series is truly about the adventures of Cosima and Delphine.

The first issue drops June 2018 and we already got a preview of the cover art.

orphan black comic book

As for real life, Orphan Black the TV show is officially dead, so don’t get your hopes up. Tatiana Maslany has already landed a role off-broadway in the play Mary Page Marlowe. And unlike Orphan Black, Tatiana will only play *one* role, something that must be a relief to her. She previously said,

“I would never want to do a similar thing in terms of television.”

But don’t worry, Tatiana won’t be off-screen for long. She’s set to premiere in two films, Destroyer and Pink Wall, both of which are set to come out later this year.


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