Our Favorite Mix & Match School Styles For Girls (Kids & Toddlers)

girls school outfit ideas

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It’s pretty much every little girl’s wish to show off their unique personality through their style! Even at a young age, your daughter’s fashion should be more practical yet stylish so she can be well protected against the elements while still looking good. However, this also means putting together a school outfit for your little one is more difficult. Lucky for you, we’ve put together the best mix and match school styles for girls in 2021 below.

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Striped Shirt/Sweater + Windbreaker + Jeans

kids clothing school outfits

Even though there are many types of outerwear to choose from for a school outfit, there is no doubt that nothing is more suitable for back-to-school season like a windbreaker. It’s cozy enough to wear in both autumn and winter while also being thin and super lightweight and easy to pack when your daughter is in class. You can style this jacket with a striped shirt for a more easygoing look. Don’t forget to pair it with jeans and other accessories if needed. Finally, we think this outfit will go really well with a light-colored backpack.

Denim Jacket + Ribbed Shirt + Torn Jeans + Sneakers

kids school outfit ideas

Denim clothes have a timeless style that can work with any outfit, even for school styles. And, with ripped or torn jeans, your daughter’s school outfit will never look too similar to other kids’ thanks to different patterns on the fabric. Pair these pants with a denim jacket and a ribbed shirt to create the perfect outfit to slay when your kid goes to school. Additionally, a pair of classy white sneakers will be the best option for this outfit.

Trench Coat + Loose Fit Sweater + Pants + Leather Boots

toddler school outfit ideas

A trench coat and a loose-fitting sweater will never go out of fashion. In cold seasons, basic sweaters are always the go-to second layer for most kids. But, don’t let it stop your little girl from flaunting her unique personality. That’s why the kids’ trench coat is here to help you with that. With a timeless style that can make any outfit look chic, a trench coat not only keeps your daughter safe from the cold but also ensures her fashionable look at school. Complete the outfit with a pair of cute leather boots and she is ready to go!

Camel Coat + Skirt/Dress + Ankle Boots

toddler girls outfit ideas

A cute skirt is always a girl’s best option to look cute, classy, and confident at the same time. So, just get a bright skirt for your little girl and simply pair it with a solid top and a pair of ankle boots for her new look at school. And, on the colder days, layer on top a warm camel coat for a stunning yet very cozy look. On top of that, you can also alternate her skirt with a dark-colored dress to make her look even more classy. Pick this outfit for your daughter and let her shine wherever she goes!

Dungaree + Leather Jacket + Sweatshirt + Canvas Shoes

baby toddler girls outfits

The dungaree style has always been a wardrobe staple for girls since the ’90s. Although it can be made with different fabrics, the denim version is always the most common and most stylish choice. You can consider a denim dungaree and a pink shirt or sweatshirt for a cute and super girly look. And, if you’re wondering what outerwear will go well with this style, then a leather jacket is exactly what your little girl needs. The contrast of texture will highlight the outfit even more by making your kids’ dungaree the center of attention.

Hoodie + Waterproof Rain Jacket + Leggings + Rain Boots

girls toddlers winter coats

Hoodies are a popular school style for both boys and girls in cold weather. So, a combination of a bright-color hoodie and a rain jacket will surely bring some fun on a gloomy day. Mix and match everything with a pair of leggings and rain boots for an easygoing outfit that is not only great for everyday wear but also perfect on rainy days.

Printed/Pattern Coat + Shirt + Joggers + Boots

coats for girls toddlers babies

Basic coats are fine but a printed version is always a better option if you’re looking for a cute school style for your little girl. Pair the lovely coat with a solid shirt, jeans, or joggers to balance the outfit. And, don’t forget to take a look at your toddler’s cute accessories and see if you can find anything to match the coat style.

Ruffled Dress + Fleece Coat + Winter Boots

baby clothes for girls jackets

Dresses are a popular choice for any girl outfit all year round. However, if you want to keep your little girl extra warm in her favorite dress, a fleece coat is a must-have item this season. The combination is so perfect in order to create a stylish school appearance and is also easy to replicate. We suggest opting for a ruffled dress with a bright-color fleece jacket to make the outfit pop. Also, you can easily mix and match this outfit fit with any winter boots your daughter has.

The Verdict

If you prefer something more casual for your little girl’s school outfit, the striped shirt and windbreaker combo is a great start. Then, work your way up to the most fashionable one with trench coats, loose-fit sweaters, and leather boots. However, there is no doubt that the dungaree and leather jacket is the trendiest option for this season. Besides being our favorite option, this mix and match idea is just perfect in any weather, comfortable to wear, and super easy to match with other clothes.

No matter what style you choose for your daughter, just remember to avoid dressing her in anything that feels too tight or uncomfortable. Also, you are free to make any adjustments with the above mix and match school styles so they can be more suitable for your little girl’s personality.