Parkland Teens Start Parents Promise to Kids Campaign to Stop Pro-Gun Politicians

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If you’re not amazed by the student survivors of the Parkland shooting, you’re clearly not paying attention.

In addition to organizing the #NeverAgain rally and the March for Our Lives, they’ve recently started the Parents Promise to Kids Campaign. The goal is to get parents to sign a contract promising to choose their kids safety over guns and only vote for politicians who feel the same. They’ve already gotten hundreds of contracts signed across the country and even abroad – and they have the pictures to prove it.

A simple search for #PPTK on any social channel reviews hundreds of photo of parents proudly standing with their contracts.

parents promise to kids
Source: Twitter

One of the student organizers Adam Buchwald told Mic,

“We’ve been getting pictures [from] all around the world — from Florida to New York to New Jersey. Even out of the country, we’ve seen stuff from Australia, Greece. It’s been just so amazing to see that we’ve started this contract in Parkland and that it is spreading across the nation.”

It’s truly remarkable how much these students have done in such a short amount of time —  something adults were never able to do.

Although there have already been 18 school shootings this year alone, the public only expresses outrage for a day or two before losing interest.

Source: Twitter

But the Parkland students are a force to be reckoned with. And the NRA should be scared. Through Twitter campaigns, they’ve already convinced companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Delta to change their policies.

And while the GOP is more concerned with tackling porn laws than gun control, the Parkland survivors aren’t going to let them get away that easy. Politicians better be ready for a fight.


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