Piers Morgan Can Take His Apology to Ariana Grande and Manchester and Shove It

Piers Morgan can take his apology and shove it.

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. Or is it?

For context, yesterday Piers tweeted an apology to Ariana Grande.

Piers issued the apology in reference to his words after the tragedy in Manchester just two weeks ago.

Just days after the event, Piers was tweeting his criticisms about the singer and how she should have been sticking around and visiting victims in the hospital. He even went on to basically say “that’s what I would have done.” Because making yourself the hero in a hypothetical situation in the wake of a tragedy is definitely not a jerk move…

Little did Piers know, behind the scenes Ariana was planning hospital visits, and this majorly successful and beautiful benefit concert.

piers morgan apology
source: Instagram

On the one hand, I am glad he is owning up to his misjudgment and taking the blame. But at the same time, I am sick of it.

I am tired of people making harsh and unwarranted statements, and then backpedaling and asking for forgiveness when they realize that they were wrong (or just got caught). I understand we all make mistakes and say foolish things sometimes, but nowadays it feels constant.

In times of such tragedy, it is extremely uncalled for to pass judgment on those involved in such incidents against their will. I can’t imagine the confusion and pain Ariana must have been in at the time and will be forever. Consider how choked up she got at the concert. Through no fault of her own, she will carry this horrific event with her forever.

Additionally, criticisms of Ariana or her fans at all were so inappropriate. If anything, place blame on the monsters who were the masterminds behind the terrorist incident.

Or better yet, spread messages of unity and healing. Don’t drag Ariana.

I am just getting sick of people passing quick judgment and unwarranted opinions of celebrities (and in general, for that matter). Especially on Twitter, you have to actively press “Tweet”, in which you acknowledge and understand the message you are sending. You have time to think out what you want to say. Piers chose to use his platform to pass judgment. Grow up.

So I guess yeah, thanks to owning up to your mistake, but maybe stop being a dunce in the first place.

Now that my rant is over, it’s time to turn pain into positivity. Rewatch the performances from One Love Manchester, and donate if you can.

Allie Bush
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