pill cosby drink
source: Twitter

In today’s “wtf” news: a bar in Washington D.C. created a drink called “The Pill Cosby.”

The bar, a pop-up called “Diet Starts Monday”, served the cocktail, complete with empty pill capsules floating in it. I mean…c’mon. Why? How? What?

Since receiving widespread backlash (obviously), the bar has removed the drink from the menu and released a series of statements.

Initially, the bar tweeted half-assed responses that read “we apologize to anyone who felt offended by this” and “this drink was not made with the intention to offend anyone.” Wow, so sincere! Nice job guys! The bar even argued that the drink was intended to “raise awareness.” Of what, ignorance?

Luckily, the bar owners have released a complete statement in regards to this nightmare.

We’re glad the bar is owning up to its mistakes and taking responsibility, but the problems don’t stop there. Would they be remorseful if they weren’t being dragged on the internet? Are they truly sorry, or just sorry they received a bad response? And how did this even happen in the first place? It further proves that many do not take the topic of sexual abuse seriously. People still think rape jokes are funny and don’t understand the consequences of their words and actions. We still live in a society where making light of serious abuses is common. It is unacceptable and unforgivable, regardless of apologies.

So to anyone who thinks rape culture doesn’t exist, here’s your exhibit A.

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