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The GOP may want to take away federal funds from Planned Parenthood in an attempt to demolish the health clinics, but Cecile Richards is ready.

She recently chatted with Bustle about how Planned Parenthood is gearing up for the passage of AHCA (or some variation of the bill). She said,

“We’re always planning. I wouldn’t say this effort by the Republican leadership in the Congress is the first, because we know state after state after state has tried to end access to reproductive health care for women.”

She also took the opportunity to clarify that contrary to popular beliefs, federal funds do NOT go towards abortions. Rather, federal funding goes towards preventative services offered at the clinics. This includes general health care check-ups, cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, UTI testing, STD testing, pap tests, and more.

Richards adds that Planned Parenthood,

“Operates like every other hospital or health care provider in that we get reimbursed for direct services that we provide. About 1.6 million come to us every year for preventive services, and that’s what we get reimbursed for.”

In other words, if AHCA should pass as is, millions of women wouldn’t be able to get regular check-ups.

Despite the political climate, Richards has no doubt that Planned Parenthood will survive.

“We’ve been around for 100 years. We’ll be around for another 100 years.”

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