‘Pretty Little Liars:’ I. Marlene King Talks Emison’s Pregnancy and the Baby Daddy

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After years of fan theories and speculations, Emison is finally a thing.

For you Pretty Little Liars newbs, Emison is Alison and Emily’s relationship name (duh!). And according to PLL creator I. Marlene King, they had every intention of bringing these two together — and they used A.D. to do it.

Of course, the thing that really brought this couple to fruition was the pregnancy inflicted on Ali by A.D. King said,

“We sat on it for a couple of days because it was so big. I was like, ‘We have to give this, like, 72 hours to see if we still love it, and we just started liking it more and more and more, so that’s how that originally came to be.”

Emily turns out to be the mother of Ali’s baby — another twist that many fans called in advance.

King added,

“I think between the pregnancy and the conversation that she had with Paige — which I thought was such a beautiful scene — it’s really forcing Alison to come to terms with her emotions and who she is.”

She continued,

“I think the pregnancy is a way to bring them together, but I think in a really organic way. A.D. often does things that you think are terrible to the girls, but often it backfires and it brings the girls closer together. So this is a perfect example of one of those horrible A.D. things that ultimately will bring the girls closer instead of dividing them.”

As for who the father is, fans are still in the lurch, Although Emily did get a lot closer to the answer with the help of Mona in the last episode. And King promises that you’ll find out the father’s identity before the end of the finale.

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