‘Pretty Little Liars:’ Everything that Happened Last Time We Saw the Liars

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It feels like forever since Pretty Little Liars was on the air. And to be fair, it has been about 7 months, which in PLL world literally is forever. If you’ve literally forgotten everything that’s happened since we last left Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Alison, and Emily, it’s ok, we feel you. To refresh your memory, we’ve compiled a list of all the major things that happened last time we saw the liars.

  1. Hanna tied up Noel Kahn and tortured him.

To get back at Noel for torturing her for a few days, Hanna decided to go rogue and capture Noel on her own. Soon finding this too difficult, she eventually gets help from Mona. But Noel escapes and their plans go awry.

  1. The police finally get involved.

The Liars decide they can trust the police and at the suggestion of Mona, they call 911.

  1. Alison revealed she’s pregnant with Archer’s baby.

So many feelings on this one, but we’re going to go ahead and leave it at that.

  1. Alison and Emily (finally) kiss!

Team #Emison for the win! After telling Emily about her pregnancy, the two share a sweet kiss. Could this be the start of something?

  1. Hanna and Caleb get together.

Hanna and Caleb make love in front of a roaring fire. Very romantic.

  1. Noel accidentally kills himself.

In the midst of chasing the liars through an old school for the blind, Noel accidentally trips and decapitates himself on his own ax.

  1. Jenna shoots Spencer.

And now Spencer’s fate hangs in the balance!

  1. Mary Drake reveals Spencer is her biological child.

After taking out Jenna, Mary Drake reveals that Spencer is, in fact, her second child.

  1. Toby and Yvonne leave town.

Spencer gives Toby a final kiss before he leaves with Yvonne. The couple soon gets into a horrific car accident and their fates are now unknown.

  1. Nicole is found alive!

Ezra runs off to go great Nicole after she’s found alive. Aria may or may not have to call off their wedding.

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