pretty little liars endgame
source: Instagram

A few days ago Pretty Little Liars released a few pictures from the series finale and fans are not happy.

The pictures appeared on EW and although at first glance they seemed pretty innocuous, fans took to the internet in rage.

Most of all, viewers were angry that photos were released at all. As one Redditor put it,

“See the constant spoilers are honestly more annoying than the plot holes. We shouldn’t know who makes it out alive at the end.”

Other folks were angry that all the liars seemed happy and together, with one writing,

“This is exactly what I fucking didn’t want as the last scene. They had such an opportunity to end the show with a bang, make it really memorable, and they went for a sappy, happy ending love fest instead.”

Wow, people really don’t want a happy ending!

And then, of course, they were all the fan theories. Some spotted what looked like wedding rings on Aria‘s hand, and others surmised that Spencer had become a lawyer.

The funniest comments were perhaps about the wardrobe choices, mostly Spencer’s ill-fitting pants giving her “diaper butt.”


As for us, we’re happy to see that all the liars live to see the finale. It wouldn’t be PLL if the four musketeers weren’t there together.

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