Everything We Know About the Final 10 Episodes of PLL

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Bahhh! Ever since we heard Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end, we have been freaking out! But now the creator I. Marlene King is spilling the beans on what we can expect from PLL‘s series finale and we are so excited! So here’s everything we know for sure about the end of the show.

5. The show isn’t coming back until April.

Ugh! April is so far away. How will we ever make it?

4. She always knew how the series would end.

Which is so crazy. She said, “Creatively, I always knew what these last ten episodes would be, just not necessarily when they would be. We all came to the conclusion that we want to go out on a high, and we want to go out in a speculator way with our fans still excited to tweet about the show and be engaged in the show. It felt organically right for all of us, and creatively it felt like the right time and the right way to do it.”

Why does she tease us like this?

3. There will be multiple weddings!

Hoorah! Not one but two weddings? Could we be this lucky? Apparently so because the creator promised “more than one” wedding by the finale. Haleb (hopefully) for the win!

source: Facebook

2. The finale will be a two-hour special.

“The final episode is going to be treated like a two-hour movie. I’m writing it with Maya Goldsmith, who I co-wrote last night’s finale with, and I’ll be directing it.”

1. Alison’s pregnancy isn’t what it seems.

I. Marlene King promised that Ali’s pregnancy will be a central arc to the final episodes. Could this mean what we think — that the fan theories about Emily’s egg being inseminated into Ali could be true? So juicy!

We literally can’t wait for April and the final 10 episodes. Countdown, anyone?

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