‘Pretty Little Liars:’ Troian Bellisario Admits She’s Spilled Plot Secrets

pretty little liars spoilers
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How do you keep secrets when you’re on one of the biggest shows on TV? According to Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario, you don’t!

We all know that PLL has had some crazy plot twists over the past seven seasons, but what’s even more amazing is that none of those secrets got out to the public! (Ok, ok, except for that time I. Marlene King accidentally tweeted a pic of Hanna in an orange jumpsuit. Oops!).

So how exactly have all the PLL spoilers survived, exactly in the time of social media?

Bellisario admits,

“I feel like in the past I’ve definitely said the truth about some things because I knew people wouldn’t believe me. That was the best way to keep the secret — to bluntly say exactly what would happen and then say, ‘But can you ever trust me?’ And because I’ve been on a show with the word ‘liar’ in the title, nobody believed me! I think I said it about, like, Mona at one point.”

LOL! We guess when the truth is so ridiculous, nobody believes you! It’s kind of genius if you think about it. After all, who would have thought that the first A was secretly Alison’s sister, but not really because actually, Charlotte’s mom was Jessica’s twin, Mary! Um, what? Who thinks of that?

With only a few episodes left, the show doesn’t have much time to wrap up all the plotlines and reveal A.D., aka Uber A.

There are, of course, many fan theories of who A.D. will be which include: Spencer’s secret twin and Paige.

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