Priyanka Chopra Tastefully Shuts Down Sexist Comments on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

priyanka chopra
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We are cheering for Priyanka Chopra today.

Well, we applaud her every day, but the cheers are extra enthusiastic today.

The actress has been gracing the talk show world over the past week or so, to promote Baywatch, which hit theaters today.

The other day she sat down with Wendy Williams to talk about the movie, her career, and her personal life. However, some of the comments and questions that were thrown at Priyanka from Wendy were just so ridiculous, unoriginal, and sexist. Priyanka was quick to shut them down.

Not only did she shut down frustrating comments and questions, she was so classy about it, I am weeping.

Priyanka and Wendy first chatted about Chopra’s Met Gala look. If you didn’t see Priyanka’s look, she absolutely slayed in a popped-collar trench coat with a 20-foot train. She looked amazing. But Wendy’s main question: “Where’s your date? Just asking.”

Priyanka was quick to answer and said,

“I mean, why do you always need a date? It’s overrated.”

She added,

“My moment, my outfit.”


Then Wendy made some sort of jumbled comment about Priyanka’s culture and if she felt pressure for not being married as “someone of her age.”.

Priyanka went on to explain the pressure that many women in today’s society feel, regardless of culture.

She said,

“I think this a global pressure that women get. I don’t think it’s India at all.”

And finally, perhaps the classiest clap back of all, Chopra spoke up for her pal Meghan Markle.

Wendy asked,

“You’re friends with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend?”

To which Priyanka explained,

“Also Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements. Just saying.”

Thank you, Priyanka!

We still live in a society where women are reduced to who they’re with, or their reproductive abilities. It’s frustrating to see these kinds of questions still being asked, especially by a female host. Many celebs have been promoting the “Ask Her More” campaign, particularly on red carpets, to ask female stars about more than just their look and their love life.

So we applaud Priyanka’s extra-classy attitude while being asked these BS-questions, but long for the day when they won’t be asked at all.

Allie Bush
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