'Pump Rules' Ariana Madix Claps Back at Jax Taylor: Queer Women Can Get Married, Have Children, And Do Whatever They Want!

Ariana Maddix has long been open about her identity as a bisexual woman.

But after her Vanderpump Rules co-star Jax Taylor went on WWHL and claimed that Ariana and her boyfriend Tom Sandoval wouldn’t get married or have children because “she likes women,” the internet went into an uproar.

Ariana quickly confirmed on twitter that yes, she likes both men and women. But what irked her the most was Jax’s claim that it was her sexuality that was the reason why she didn’t want children or marriage (hint: it’s not).

Ariana recently got a chance to respond to Jax on WWHL and explained,

“I thought it was really gross. I also thought it didn’t make any sense on any level. I mean there are lesbians who have children. There are lesbians who don’t. There are women who have children who are married. And there are women who are married, who don’t. Like, none of it made any sense.”

She added,

“I’ve been very open and honest about the fact that I’m bisexual and I don’t think that that’s an issue. And it’s certainly not an issue in my relationship, so I think he should just chill out.”

Ariana couldn’t be more right. The only people that her sexuality concerns are her and her partner. Period. Jax is not allowed to have an opinion on this.

Not to mention that someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with whether or not someone can or wants to have children.

Many were initially angry after Jax’s comments because they claimed that Jax “outed” Ariana but in fact, Tom was the one who outed her last season. Tom revealed to his friends that after a night out, Lala went down on Ariana in the car.

Ariana was understandably extremely upset that Tom shared this with their friends and told him,

“Are you f–king kidding me? This is my sexuality as a person. I don’t talk about that stuff openly with the entire f–king world.”

Ariana has always been a rather private person and has had trouble opening up in the past. Both Sandoval and Jax were completely out of line.

Regardless, we’re proud of Ariana for speaking up and defending queer women. We hope it will inspire others to do the same.


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