Life as a #LadyBoss isn’t always easy — just ask Rachel Bloom!

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and creator recently released a new music video called “Lady Boss,” which pokes fun at the realities of being a high powered woman in a man’s world. Her struggles include having to maintain a balance of not being too nice but not becoming a bitch, figuring out how much boob is work-appropriate, and crying into a Ruth Bader Ginsburg pillow so as to muffle the sound of your sobs.

The video is obviously hilarious, just like everything Bloom does, but it also has so much truth to it. Recently the hashtag #girlboss has made us all think that life is great at the top for women, but in reality, it’s confusing and stressful, and well, hard!

And that’s the genius of so many of Bloom’s music videos. Our favorites include “Heavy Boobs,” which details the hardships of having big breasts, and the “Sexy Getting Ready Song,” on the ridiculousness of how much effort women are expected to putting into getting ready for a date.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wrapped its second season and has already been greenlit for a third.

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