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In case you missed it, current Bachelor contestant Rachel Lindsay is going to be the next Bachelorette.

She recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen was “shocked” to be meeting Lindsay, as she predicted that she and Nick Viall would end up together.


The conversation continued on to talk about the transition from Rachel being on The Bachelor to being the next Bachelorette.

Here are 5 takeaways from her interview:

1. She’s not taking her rejection too hard.
Rachel explains that she was heartbroken when it happened, but has since moved on in the three months since she actually left the show. “His loss”, she grins. You go, girl.

2. She loves Corinne.
When Ellen jokes that Corinne could win the whole thing, Rachel responds, I Love Corinne. Can I just put that out there?”. She’s growing on us, too.

3. She definitely knows who Nick picks.
Rachel pulls the old “maybe I do, maybe I don’t”. Judging by her facial expressions, she 100% knows.

4. She takes #NoDaysOff
Rachel explains that she went right back to work as an attorney after the show, and will continue working until it’s her time to shine again.

5. Her type? An ambitious guy with a sense of humor who is ready to settle down.
We are so excited to see Rachel as the next Bachelorette!

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