An LA Theater is Handing Out Barf Bags for ‘Raw’ Viewers

raw movie barf bags
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An LA theater has begun handing out barf bags to moviegoers who buy tickets to the film Raw.

Let’s just say that the movie, which has an 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes, has been causing viewers to hack up their own rotten tomatoes.

Directed by Julia Ducournau, the film made the festival circuit in 2016 and caused many viewers to puke or pass out.

The movie is a French thriller about a young girl with cannibalistic tendencies, so we can draw some conclusions as to the source of the tummy troubles.

Now that it is hitting US theaters, some cinemas are taking precautions. With viewers already becoming physically ill at screenings, the Nuart Theatre is distributing custom-made barf bags for attendees.

This idea is actually being praised by some. In an article by The Hollywood Reporter, film buyer Mark Valen said:

“One of the staff at the Nuart took up the initiative to make the barf bags out of paper lunch bags. What a fun idea! I remember that used to be done with some horror releases in the 1970s”

Fun? Fun????

I mean yes, good looking out for people. But also, why would you do this to yourself?

Granted, many have stronger stomachs and gore tolerance than I. The movie graced many of the major festivals, so it certainly has merit to it beyond the blood and guts.

Would you see a movie with this kind of warning?

As for me, one ticket for Beauty and the Beast, please.

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