Would the queen of body confidence exchange her curves if she could?

Ashley Graham has become an emblem of body positivity. As a proud plus-size model, Ashley is leading a movement of women who are learning to love their bodies just as they are.But would the queen of body confidence exchange her curves if she could? When asked the question directly by British Vogue, the model got real and explained,

“Do I sometimes wish I were thinner? God, in the old days, absolutely I did, but now I feel that to lose weight would be disloyal to myself. A lot of who I am is connected to my size, and I am so happy with who I am.”

You tell ‘em!

She added that she’s thrilled to prove the naysayers wrong, especially the ones who never believed she would be cover-worthy.

“For 10 years I’d been told I was always going to be a catalogue girl, never a cover girl. Well, I got with IMG and did five covers in a year, boom, boom, boom. See, if you have a pretty face doors will open, but your job isn’t just to walk through them, it’s to get invited back.”

But even though Ashely has made the big time and even nabbed her first Vogue cover, it doesn’t mean she’ll be resting on her laurels.

“Look, I hit the beauty jackpot, I get it, but that’s not enough, you’ve got to have more to have longevity in this business. It’s always been, ‘OK, so what can I do now?'”

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