Reese Witherspoon, do we hear you correctly? Elle Woods in an orange jumpsuit? We think not.

Witherspoon previously revealed that she was open to a Legally Blonde 3 and now she’s talking plotlines!

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the Big Little Lies actress explained a few of the ideas she had in mind for her character Elle. She said,

“I think it would be kind of cool to see her 15 years later. Like, what’s she doing now? What do you think? I don’t know. But I need a good idea.”

Corden said he could see Elle as President of the United States (hey, if a reality TV star can do it, why can’t she?), but Witherspoon had something else in mind.

“She could be a Supreme Court Justice, or she could be a really great, powerful attorney — or she could be in prison!”


Yes, Elle Woods may have been the one to make the line “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed,” but we have a feeling she could make it work. Guess Emmett will be left to take care of the kids!

legally blonde 3

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